WaterSums was formed to produce software making the job of water engineers easier. The lead developer, Mark Morgan, was involved in water supply design, construction and maintenance for 7 years with Melbourne Water in Australia. Melbourne is a spacious city of about 4.4 million people, requiring a large water supply and sewerage system. Mark’s experience with the demands of water supply engineering led to the development of the WaterSums software.

WaterSums has grand aims and we are working hard to achieve them.

Our goals are:

  • presentation of a comprehensive toolkit with a simple user interface
  • to deliver accurate, reliable software for use by professionals
  • the inclusion of many simple tools as well as complex network analysis tools
  • speedy response to customers

With God’s blessing, we can quickly move closer to these goals.

Our headquarters were in leafy Blackburn, a suburb of Melbourne. In 2003, the building was flooded during a flash flood, adding another impetus for working on software that can analyse the behaviour of water.

WaterSums is an Australian business: ABN 41506900240