After an initial free 30-day trial period, you must purchase a licence or stop using the WaterSums software.

A licence for WaterSums 1.2 normally costs US$1,000. Starting from the day when you are provided with a WaterSums licence key, this one-off licence fee also gets you 4 months of free:

  • technical support,
  • bug fixes, and
  • upgrades within the same minor version (WaterSums 1.2).

Annual software maintenance is available with the purchase of a new licence, for 35% of the cost of a new licence each year (currently $350 per year). As long as annual maintenance is kept continuously, all major, minor, incremental and bug fix releases are available from the WaterSums website. Software maintenance also includes technical support by email, telephone and, in some cases where necessary, internet chat.

Want to order? Payment is accepted through Visa Card, MasterCard or PayPal. Australian customers have additional purchase options. To purchase a software licence for use in Australia, use the Contact page to send a request and you will be contacted about payment options.

To find out what your money buys, read the WaterSums Software Licence Agreement.

To buy a WaterSums 1.2 licence select the licence option you want below and press the Buy Now button.

Licence options

To help you decide whether to purchase software maintenance with your licence, read the WaterSums version and upgrade policy which includes a table with licence and upgrade prices.