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EPANET Projects: RDBMS modelling – Part 1

EPANET RDBMS Modelling WaterSums models EPANET networks in the same way as EPANET does and can read/write EPANET network (.net) and input (.inp) files. In WaterSums 2, we extend this modelling to include EPANET RDBMS modelling.  To do this, we store networks in a set of PostgreSQL database tables using the Django object to relational [...]

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WaterSums 1.2.4 released

WaterSums 1.2.4 has been released as the latest release in the WaterSums 1.2 series. The main new feature is the export of network maps in DXF (Document eXchange Format) and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). When exported to DXF format, the network map includes the nodes and links. When exported to SVG format, nodes and links [...]

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