WaterSums 1.2.4 has been released as the latest release in the WaterSums 1.2 series. The main new feature is the export of network maps in DXF (Document eXchange Format) and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).

When exported to DXF format, the network map includes the nodes and links. When exported to SVG format, nodes and links are included as well as contours, terrain shading and simple analysis flow animations (showing flow directions and tank levels). A draggable legend block allows control of the display of contours, terrain shading and analysis animations. Background images and maps are not included in exported maps in any format. A view control block allows panning and zooming and restoring the original view if you have panned or zoomed. Each network map export is a single file, so that exported maps can be easily moved around without the need to copy extra files and directories.

WaterSums provides access to two freely available elevation services, and details of these have changed recently, so WaterSums 1.2.4 has been updated to operate correctly with the new arrangements.