Deletion and refential integrity checks


Referential integrity is important. Whenever a network object refers to another object, WaterSums must ensure that the object really exists. Sometimes, when items are deleted, other items may be depending on them: for example a link will depend on a start node and an end node. Deleting the node requires that any links which depend [...]

Network with OpenStreetMap (© OpenStreetMap contributors) displayed in the background


A small example of a network with OpenStreetMap in the background. OpenStreetMap maps are available under an open licence, so WaterSums can display these maps without any extra licence fees or complexity. We satisfy the compliance requirements by including in the background map an acknowledgement of the OpenStreetMap contributors and their valuable work. CloudMade maps [...]

Units, Projection and Extents panel


WaterSums allows the flexibility of choosing different levels of complexity for different applications. If arbitrary coordinates are to be used for locating network objects, the units of measure and extents of the network can be specified. The network layout can then be matched to a backdrop image to allow digitizing of network locations. In this [...]

WaterSums Demo Project


MapDemo.wsproj Points of note OpenStreetMap (© OpenStreetMap contributors) background map of Melbourne, Australia. The network map configuration is shown in the project tree including the projection information (file: epsg, SRID: 20355). Background map configuration information is shown in the project tree: background maps will be displayed using OpenStreetMaps. Pipe thickness and tank symbol size indicate [...]

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